Customized First-Class Learning

  • Tabtor’s math's world-class curriculum is aligned with Common Core and State Standards and designed to build analytical and critical reasoning skills.

  • We then customize our curriculum to meet the learning patterns and needs of each Student, either for extra help.

  • Tutors shape a Student’s learning plan to mirror classroom work, provide extra practice or more of a challenge.

The Human Touch

  • Tutors grade worksheets daily providing personalized comments for Students. Tutors are ready to support Students through videos and notes.

  • With weekly or bi-weekly contact via phone, FaceTime or Skype, Students and Parents connect with their Tutor to discuss a learning plan.

Meet some of our Tutors

Julie DelPapa U.S.

"I have always known I wanted to become a teacher from a very young age. I love being in the classroom and helping my students understand difficult topics. I would be honored to help your child improve his/her math skills."

Master's Degree from SUNY, Albany in Curriculum Development Instructional Technology, Certified Tutor and a mother of 4

Jackie Borsum U.S.

"With over 30 years of teaching, for me, the best part of Tabtor is conferencing with students. It gives the Tutors, as well as the Students, someone with whom to connect. I also appreciate the ability to customize the worksheet selections for each student."

Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, Masters Degree in Literacy, National Board Certification in Literacy

Caroline Mukisa U.K.

"My aim is to build my students' maths confidence. I use my experience to build a study plan to suit each of my students' mathematical personalities and then work directly with them and their families to guide them through the Tabtor program."

Cambridge trained Maths Teacher, Former Kumon instructor, Maths blogger and a mother of 4

Tutors are dedicated to Tabtor because they see their Students thrive.