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Learning has always been personalized, except in education.
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the ONLY Math program on the planet focused on POINT OF LEARNING!

Learn math on digital paper

iPad replaces paper and pen

Students solve math on digital paper, just like they would on normal paper. Better yet, our teachers get to see strategies employed by students to solve problems, so they can personalize feedback for every student.

diagnositc math test on ipad to personalize math problems

Tailored Math Problems

Every student starts with a diagnostic test, allowing us to tailor and assign math problems based on their ability. We of course take your input in this process. Student work is constantly calibrated and structured by our teachers to make it challenging, yet comfortable for them.

grading by professional math instructors

Grading by Professional Instructors

Without grading, there is no intelligence. Grading is fundamental to understanding student performance. We review everything, including exceptions and the norm! We watch for patterns that helps us understand each student’s thought process. Based on intelligence gathered from grading, our teachers tailor subsequent math assignments to each student.

personalized math learning based on report and analysis

Reports & Analysis

We are obsessed with data. Every single keystroke and penstroke of a student is captured by us. This gives us intelligence and insight about what happened at “The Point of Learning”. Just like a GPS device on a car, our patent pending Point of Learning Analytics (POLA) tools provides awesome data on student performance. Since we cannot keep a secret, we share all of this data with you, every week!

tabtor math rewarding program

Rewards, Badges & Gift cards

Would you be interested in a sporting event that didn’t keep score? Or perhaps take a job that wasn’t rewarding? Why would a child be any different? We believe in rewarding kids for their hard work and dedication in the form of badges & gift cards and give them a platform to keep score against their peers to open up friendly competition.

weekly interaction with math teachers on progess

Weekly Interaction with Teachers

At Tabtor we have weekly meetings, because we understand parents want to know what’s happening in real time and it is important that students get to know their teachers. Weekly Facetime™ calls at scheduled times makes you and us just a “touch” away!

Find out why everyone is raving about Tabtor Math.

Best Educational iPad Apps
Best Educational iPad Apps
Best Educational iPad Apps


Tabtor Math helps gifted students go above and beyond their grade level and school curriculum to enrich their skills.

Extra Support

Students who need extra help with their school work can get personalized help precisely on areas of need.


Need special attention? Look no further. Tabtor Math helps personalize the program for every child – no matter their needs!
Happy users of Tabtor- math for pre-schools
Happy users of Tabtor- math for pre-schools
Happy users of Tabtor- math for pre-schools

Release your child's inner genius!

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What Tabtor parents have to say?

  • Janet
    "Our son has been using Tabtor for over 3 months now and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. He is currently in first grade and through the usage of Tabtor, he has accelerated to 4th grade material. Between the affordability, content, convenience, personalization, reward program and technology, Tabtor has been a grand slam!!!"

    - Janet S, Mother of Aiden (age 6), Kendall Park NJ
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  • ruma
    "As a working mom and with one daughter already in high school time, I always wanted to enroll her in Kumon. I heard about the Tabtor program. I can’t tell you how timely and effective this program is. It is user friendly, instructors are very prompt and works a personalized lesson plan for my daughter."

    - Ruma K, Mother of Sanjana (8 yrs), Trumbull CT
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  • anjali
    "TabTor is Amazing! I was searching for a such Math App which will make her comfortable with Numbers and enhance her Math skills. It is nice to see how quickly she solves every Worksheet step by step and she is already doing higher grade math. Instructors are very helpful with the videos attached in every worksheet and personalized calls from them definitely adds value . I would like to mention that her report card from School has given impressive remarks on her favorite Subject. Also, it's very convenient and their Reward system really encourages kids. Thanks a ton TabTor!!! "

    - Anjali Goswami, Mother of Siya (age 6), NJ
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  • Devesh
    "I compliment Tabtor for providing such a great educational experience. To supplement education at school, I enrolled my son in an online program but he was not getting feedback for his mistakes. Eventually, I found out about Tabtor. Currently, he is doing 3rd grade maths at Tabtor and is already enrolled in the advanced program at his school. I am amazed how Tabtor has helped my son make such a rapid progress academically "

    - Devesh S, Father of Aneesh (age 6), Pikeville KY
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